Thursday, 11 June 2009


The pdd module the most effective module personally. It enables me to reflect on my skills and proffesional development in order to make my self more focused within my direction of graphic design. I have begun to understand my specialism of branding layout and typography with work experience ahead I am keeping my options still open to show that I have a range of skills and can adapt my skills to any area within graphic design.
I have gained confidence within my design skills and especially feel confident within these areas. Although one large downfall is my presentaion skills. I was overall disipointed with my presentation I had spent time visually presenting it well however my oral presentation let the presentation down. I feel that I didn't get everything I wanted to say across to my audience. I missed out talking about the relation between graphic design and my dissertation and my work experience ambitions did not come across as well. Within the third year and over the summer I intend to improve this with interviews and work placements I plan to ensure that my presentation skills develop to a higher standard to ensure that I get across to my audience all the areas that I intend to talk about.
My blog and been able to link other blogs my blog has been useful. When reseraching into work placements I was able to follow thier blog keeping updated of new work and achievements. Over the year I have become more organised as the deadlines become tighter. I found the 3 briefs at the end of the course a real benifit to the development of my practise as a graphic designer. As I could balence my time around these briefs. If i got stuck with one brief I continued with another brief. Ensuring that I used my time effectivly.
Reseraching into different areas of work experience realy but my design practise into context. It made me realy think about where I wanted to be within graphic design as I begin a developmental intrest within creative branding layout information graphics and typography.
I WILL ensure that I continue this development through competitions, blog research and own intiated briefs. Iwill ensure that i get the most out of my work placements to ensure that I learn as much as I posibly can to ensure that I am focused more determinded and motivated to aim for my ambitions and goals.

Attendance 5
Punctuality 3
Motivation 4
Commitment 4
Quantity of work produced 4
Quality of work produced 3
Contribution to the group 3

Sunday, 31 May 2009


This modal has taught me some personal skills of my own understanding my specialism to my challenges and my organisational skills. I feel that the module is highly important to the development of learning the necessary skills to become a professional graphic designer and preparing yourself for industry and work placements.
I have found my self interested in branding layout and typographic design. These are areas which I have used together to practise my skills. From the o2 brief in the first part of the module I struggled with the brief as I felt that the company was so well branded I often found my self wanting to make up another brand within o2 which wasn’t within the brief. I also found that I am quiet an independent designer and prefer to work on my own although as I have found my specialise to work with someone with a similar interest such as branding would perhaps be more productive and more developmental with my skills and understanding of my practise.

With my own time length with the brief set. I found that I shortened the time researching but lengthened the time doing hand idea generation. To which I then found I would spend less time wasting time on the computer. Such as the logo’s within type factory and property shop. I could find my self generating ideas quickly and productively as I could understand my market how they would use the brand and see the personality within the brand. I have a interest into how businesses run and make money and often think that good branding is necessary to making your company well known and how well your company comes across. Within it’s personality to clients and customers. I often find my self thinking how some brands and logos could be improved and how this would strengthen the business opportunities of some companies big and small.

I often found my self distracted by my personal professional development work placements sending e-mails and working on my portfolio based send out. I often found my self prioritising this over my work which may have left me feeling that I wasn’t pushing my self enough within the briefs.

Within the briefs I was overall satisfied with the outcomes yet I don’t feel that I aimed high enough within the briefs however I think that I feel this way as I felt comfortable as a designer specialising in typography , layout and branding. In comparisons to the digital module where I found my self struggling with software and testing my skills.

Within my next project I set my self to do I plan to keep to the branding typographic route. Within the type factory brochure I rushed the brochure and there where typographic elements that needed to be resolved and so I would like to make a brochure or multi page document to practise my layout and typographic skills learning through my mistakes to overall become a stronger designer. As stated early I often find my self looking at brands and seeing how they can be improved. In my own time as a personal practise I would like to take the logo and see how I as a designer could improve it to be more successful as a brand. My organisational skills can always be improved and I don’t feel that I have documented my development of my briefs as well as I usually do. I need to ensure I do document development for year 3 to cover the module guidelines within future projects. I also need to develop on idea generation and exhaust ideas to create a stronger outcome and higher quality outcomes such as some of my work I would have like to have printed properly down in digital print and photograph properly in context however due to the high demand of students wanting to print this wasn’t possible for my portfolio I will print the designs of properly and take better photographs to clarify the context of my designs to make the concepts stronger and shows my skills as a graphic designer.

Overall I feel that this module has being highly beneficial to my personal profession development as a graphic designer which I have enjoyed and feel more comfortable and focused for future briefs within year 3 of my degree.

Attendance: 5
Quantity of work produced: 3
Quality of work produced: 4
Contribution to the group: 3

Monday, 20 April 2009

pet shop advert

so entertaining could watch over and over

RSPCA Australia

Have you ever seen a dog that looks remarkably like its owner? Well, the RSPCA in Australia is setting up its first ever pet shop that will look to match pets with owners - but very sensibly on the basis of personality and lifestyle, rather than looks…
George Patterson Y&R agency in Brisbane just sent us press, TV and radio ads for their newly launched campaign for the RSPCA’s new pet shop which will, as the ads suggest, match up day-to-day behaviours and lifestyes of potential owners with the personalities and behavioural traits of pets - thus finding a perfect match.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Daikichi Amano

Daikichi Amano makes all kinds of weird films and photos involving girls with bugs, frogs, goldfish and eels.... all of which they eat afterwards, to avoid wasteful animal cruelty.

it's not my job I'm creative

Not my job. I'm Creative.

Dave Trott is Creative Director at advertising agency CST. Dave keeps a superb blog at the CST site, and has kindly agreed to our reproducing some of his musings here, in the Education section. Dave will be invited to create some content to coincide with additions to this section over the course of the year.

Not my job. I'm Creative.

My art school was in Brooklyn.
They used to send us into Manhattan once a week, to learn from the pros on Madison Avenue.
One evening, while I was waiting for the class to start, I was sitting in a coffee bar on Times Square.
I noticed a black girl sitting at the counter.
She had a white Band-Aid on her leg.
I though, hang on, that’s supposed to be flesh-coloured Band-Aid.
But it’s not her flesh colour.
Why not?
Why shouldn’t flesh colour mean everybody’s flesh colour?
In fact, why not make Band-Aids in different flesh colours?
You could have Band Aids in Light, Medium, and Dark.
How cool would that be?
Then I thought, this could be an actual product.
In which case I could do an advertising campaign for it.
Which would be great because it would be a brief no one else would have in their book.
So I designed the packs, and wrote some ads.
One of them that went down really well, had the headline:
(That was a white area, a Puerto Rican area, and a black area.)
Then I thought, where would I run ads like that?
White people already have their flesh colour Band-Aids.
So I’m after Hispanics and Blacks.
Where do I find them?
Well, just like London, most of the people in cabs and cars are white.
Lots of the people on public transport aren’t.
So I’ll run them as posters on the NYC subway system.
And that was one of the campaigns I put in my portfolio.
In fact, that’s how I put my whole portfolio together.
Whatever it took to be different.
Everyone else was doing single ads, I’d do campaigns.
Everyone else was doing executions, I’d do strategies as well.
Everyone else was doing press ads, I’d do media plans as well.
If I’m doing what no one else is, I must look better at it.
Because I’m competing in a field of one.
Notice how different that was to the way youngsters do it today.
No one does an ad until they’re given a brief.
Well it’s not their job to write a brief.
So they call up various creative directors and ask if they have any briefs they can let them have.
Because they can’t be creative until someone gives them a brief.
They’re never going to be this free again in their lives.
They can be client, planner, account man, and media department.
For the only time in their lives, they can’t grumble about anyone else stopping them doing great ads.
And they don’t do it.
No one think about strategy, it’s not their job to do that.
No one thinks about media, it’s not their job either.
So everyone competes in the tiny little area of pictures and headlines.
And that little area is growing smaller and smaller.
And you know what?
It’s getting harder and harder to be different.
You now why?

Because it’s not a very creative way to think. print-packaging-identity-branding

Complete stationery set design for the studio (Letterhead/Continuation sheet/Envelope/Business cards/Postcard/Compliment slip/Address label).
Foil blocked identity stripe/typography on GF Smith Crane's Crest stock.
Print by Generation Press. not for commercial use

Not For Commercial Use (NFCU) is an ongoing idea/collaboration between Generation Press & Build, which started life as a discussion about the designer/printer relationship. 'Paste' is a series of unbranded posters, designed specifically to be pasted up anonymously around London. A post-card set was also produced (again unbranded) and sent out to create interest around the project and around the mystery posters. One of the paste sessions was filmed and edited by Richard Carroll and directed by Richard Bull, and can be seen here, and a paste up session in NYC (Directed by Timothy Saccenti). The culmination of 'Paste' is a catalogue documenting the project, with a foreword by Adrian Shaughnessy. Additional thanks to Maxalot & Commonwealth.